Friday, February 8, 2013

Take Care (2012) woodblock 4 colour relief print, handprinted 24" x 48"

This large woodblock relief print was created for Hilary House, a historical site in Aurora, Ontario, famous for 3 generations of doctors living and working from the premises starting in the late 1800's.

Using elements from the historical collection I created an artwork depicting the story around a collections receipt found in the Hillary House archives. The actual receipt was enlarged and used as the background for this work and the woodblock print was hand printed onto it.

The story is told in three areas of the print as follows:

Source Materials for the Print from the historical collection

1)  A collections notice dated Dec 16, 1916, to Mrs. Holliday for $5 of medical services provided by Dr. Hillary. A handwritten notation on the bill states the Dr. credited her account $2 for the value of two bushels of pears,
leaving an outstanding amount of $3.
2) a fee chart dated 1914 for the cost of medical services the Dr provided
3) a 1915 Ladies of the Red Cross Auxiliary Cookbook found in the household collection

 TheTop Third of the print tells the story of Mrs. Holliday, an agricultural field worker who is picking pears when she has an accident. She falls from the ladder and fractures her pinky. The cost for the Dr.'s services is $5 to tend to her injury.
The Story of Mrs. Holliday's Injury
Several pears are hidden in the vegetable border like this one

Mrs. Holliday falls

Injury and Collections Notice detail

The Center Section shows Mrs. Holliday being treated by Dr. Hillary. As she lays on the horsehair couch in the front room of Hillary House, she grimaces in pain and balls up her fist while the Dr. manipulates her fractured finger. Dr. Hillary is shown seated on the three-legged stool which he used backwards so as to steady his arms and hands while performing procedures on his patients.
Dr. Hillary treats Mrs. Holliday

Grimacing while being Examined


The Bottom Third reveals the handwritten notation of the Dr. accepting partial payment for the outstanding bill in the form of two baskets of pears. Here we also see the family recipe for Pear Marmalade and the family dinner table set with a family member spreading the marmalade onto toast, a polite pinky in the air.

Two Baskets Pears

Pear Marmalade recipe and Enjoying the Food at the Family Dinner Table

Recipe and Marmalade on Toast

Working Non-Fractured Pinky Up Politely at the Table

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